• 超新星™LED技术
  • 轻量级设计铝
  • 方便线管理
  • 10 ft. 重新配置
  • 背光计数器
  • USB充电端口
  • 硅酮边缘织物图形(SEG)
  • 简单的模块式组装
  • 线综合管理
  • 美国制造






This distinctive Chanel Exhibit lightboxes blend exceptionally bright LED lights, 铝SEG框架, and vibrant fabric graphics into a brilliant eye-catching 显示. The large LED lightbox spans the 显示 and is framed with curved laminated panels. The middle section supports a large monitor and includes graphics for high impact.  前面有一个改装过的接待柜台,带有一个前背光图形接口和USB充电接口. On the far right are two product 显示s with uplighting on the 20 ft. 显示. 都有集成的脐带管理. 你不会相信你的眼睛第一次打开开关,看到你的背光图像是多么惊人.

这些灯箱使用的是超新星LED灯, ensuring an exceptionally bright graphic and thousands of hours of worry-free use.

需要一个灯箱解决方案没有显示? 让安博体育电竞app知道. We’re happy to design the perfect solution for you.  安博体育电竞app在 202-596-8910 或电邮至 info@msrlandscaping.com.


• (1) 193″ x 90″ LED Lightbox with SEG Graphic
•(2)43″x 95″弯曲铝SEG框架
•(1)95″x 95″中心铝SEG框架
• (2) Small Curved Product Counters with Uplighting and Trim
• Includes Fabric-lined Crate Option with Customized Reusable Packaging
• Includes All Silicone Edge Fabric and Vinyl Graphics Shown
• Note: Re-configuration May Require Additional Components or Sub-assemblies. 要求的细节

The lead time for the Chanel 10×20 Exhibit is 17天.

• Production-ready artwork (when applicable) must accompany the order confirmation. Delays in uploading artwork may lead to expedited charges or shipping changes.
• No order will be released to Production without a signed order confirmation.
• Shipping is based on the availability of materials and graphics. Additional charges may apply if materials or graphics must be expedited.
根据客户服务和生产部门的空缺时间,交货时间可能会缩短. 可申请加急费.
• Standard lead times do not apply to orders of multiple quantities.
• Please check for product availability on ALL RENTAL exhibits.

Exhibit Weight varies depending on the packaging and the shipping method. 变量包括但不限于:

•尺寸重量vs. Actual Weight: Dimensional weight is defined as crate or case size. On most air shipments, the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight
•便携箱vs. 木箱或模制桶(如适用):需要一个木箱的展览设计将需要多个可移动的箱子. 选择一个与. the other affects the total weight (dimensional or actual).
•货运承运人:LTL承运人(低于卡车装载量)根据使用空间报价运费. 联合包裹, 联邦快递, 航空货运公司根据货物的尺寸或实际重量来报价运费.

For more information about exhibit weights and freight options, please contact us at 202-596-8910 或电邮至 shipping@msrlandscaping.com.


•货运承运人:LTL承运人(低于卡车装载量)根据使用空间报价运费. 联合包裹, 联邦快递, 航空货运公司根据货物的尺寸或实际重量来报价运费.

对于运输问题,请致电安博体育电竞app 202-596-8910 或电邮至 shipping@msrlandscaping.com.

To request Setup Instructions please contact us at 202-596-8910 或电邮至 info@msrlandscaping.com

To request Graphic Dimensions please contact us at 202-596-8910 或电邮至 info@msrlandscaping.com


To request Brochures for this product please contact us at 202-596-8910 或电邮至 info@msrlandscaping.com

直流安博体育电竞app warranties the performance of its portable, 模块化, and custom hybrid systems during normal use, 不包括过度磨损, 按照说明. 这包括工艺和锁系统,只要展览有一个有用的寿命. 所有剩余的部分,以防止有缺陷的材料或工艺只要展览是在服务. 如果产品被出售或转让给另一方,保修是可以转让的.

DC安博体育电竞app不承担由于滥用、误用或运输损坏造成的损害. This warranty does not cover laminate cracks and chips, wood crate and roto-molded case damage (excluding workmanship), 铝挤压底色, 火星, 以及正常使用造成的划痕, 以及图形的磨损和滥用. 一旦业主组装完成,DC安博体育电竞app不对丢失或丢失的部件负责, 接受, 使用产品.

Should there be any questions regarding the warranty, please contact us at 202-596-8910 或电邮至 warranty@msrlandscaping.com.

电, 绳, Wire Management根据安博体育电竞app和每个参展商的要求而有所不同. 当订购您的贸易展览展示, 考虑以下电气/电线管理问题,并与展览专业人士讨论您的选择:

•内联vs. 岛显示
• Grommets and Grommet Placement in Counters
•开销和. 地板电源
•平对. 圆的电线

By reviewing your wiring options BEFORE you order your 显示, 您将节省时间和金钱,并确保您的展览超出您的预期,安装是无故障的.

给安博体育电竞app打电话 202-596-8910 或电邮至 av@msrlandscaping.com 满足您的电气和AV需求.


岛展是指毗邻3-4个通道的展区,最小的展区从20 ' x 20 '开始. 相比之下,内联安博体育电竞app通常围绕1或2个通道,通常是10 ' x 10 '或10 ' x 20 '.


Note: Hanging signs are permitted above island booths.


是的,没有. It depends on your island and inline design requirements. Most of the time those are close enough for a seamless reconfiguration.

给安博体育电竞app打电话 202-596-8910 或电邮至 design@msrlandscaping.com 安博体育电竞app会给你们展示一些设计例子. Or, we’ll be happy to work on a “ground up” design specific to your marketing goals.

I reserved a 20′ x 30′ space for our industry show. I need an island, but I don’t have the budget to purchase one this year. 我有什么选择?Renting an island exhibit is the ideal choice in this situation.

租房是负担得起的, 通常是购买的30-40%, and we have an extensive gallery of island and inline rental designs. If you don’t see something you like, no problem. 安博体育电竞app大约有50%的租赁是新设计或现有设计的修改. 如果对你来说有意义的话, 这对安博体育电竞app来说是有意义的, 然后,安博体育电竞app很高兴创建一个独特的配置,以满足您的所有展会营销需求. 在租赁画廊中查看所有选项.

I don’t see an island that appeals to me or matches my exhibit marketing goals. 你能专门为我设计一个吗?

绝对! When it comes to islands, it’s rare that someone purchases a kit “as is.“几乎每个岛屿都会被调整,或者安博体育电竞app会根据你的需求从头开始.


给安博体育电竞app打电话 202-596-8910 或电邮至 design@msrlandscaping.com. 安博体育电竞app将与您会面,审查您的展会营销需求,包括您的预算. 然后,安博体育电竞app将一起合作,创造一个展览,最大限度地发挥您的信息和销售潜力.



不同展厅的规定有所不同,但以下是典型的:北厅和中央厅3-5号厅展位所有区域的最高高度不得超过30英尺. Maximum height of 20′ in all areas of your booth is allowed in Central Halls 1-2. Maximum height of 22′ in all areas of your booth allowed in South Halls. No limitations on the number of solid walls for your Island booth.

Note:  Hanging signs are permitted above island booths.



树冠, 包括天花板, 伞及檐架, 既可以是装饰性的,也可以是功能性的(比如遮挡周围光线的电脑显示器或用于悬挂产品). 线性或周边展位的檐篷应符合视线要求.

The bottom of the canopy should not be lower than 7 ft. (2.13米)距地面5英尺内. (l.52m). Canopy supports should be no wider than three inches 3 in.(08m). 这适用于任何有视线限制的展位配置,如线性展位. Fire and safety regulations in many facilities strictly govern the use of canopies, 天花板, 和其他类似的覆盖物. 在确定具体的展览规则之前,请先与相关的当地机构安博体育电竞app下载.

Covered ceiling structures or enclosed rooms, 包括帐篷或天篷, shall have one smoke detector placed on the ceiling for every 900 square feet.


Hanging signs and graphics are permitted upon approval in all standard Peninsula, Island和Split Island展位, with a maximum height of sixteen feet (16 ft.)(4.87m) to the top of the sign as measured from the floor

Whether suspended from above or supported from below, they should comply with all ordinary use-of-space requirements (for example, 任何标识的最高点不得超过展位类型的最大允许高度). Double-sided hanging signs and graphics shall be set back ten feet (10 ft.)(3.05m) from adjacent booths and be directly over contracted space only.


所有标准半岛都允许天花板支撑的剧院桁架和照明, Island and Spilt Island Booths to a maximum height of twenty feet (20 ft.)(6.1米)天花板允许的地方. 地面支撑桁架不得超过展台类型的最大允许高度. Logos or graphics are not permitted over the sixteen-foot (l6fl)(4.87m) height restriction and must have four feet (4 ft.)(1.22m) of separation from the top of the sign to the top of the truss.


•没有照明, 固定装置, 照明桁架或顶灯被允许在展览空间的边界之外.
• Lighting must be directed to the inner confines of the booth space. 照明必须符合设施规定.
•有潜在危害的照明, 比如激光或紫外线照明, 是否应遵守设施规则并得到展览管理部门的书面批准.
•旋转的照明, 旋转, 的闪烁, 和其他专门的灯光效果应具有良好的品味,不应干扰邻近的参展商或以其他方式影响整个活动的气氛.
• Reduced lighting for theater areas should be approved by the exhibition organizer, 该实用程序提供者, 还有展览设施.